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PE: Introduction to the ForumChat & Forum Week
Many people are not aware the forum exists on DeviantART, so this article aims to introduce those who are new and are not as familiar with the forum as others.
Within the forum, there are many forums that you can post in, either by creating your own threads for discussion or by posting in other people's threads. In this sense, one of the best things about the forum is the ease of communication between your fellow deviant comrades! The forum presents an opportunity for you to meet more people, get seen more and participate a variety of discussions that you find interesting. By creating a thread in the forum, you encourage other people to make posts in response to your original post. Likewise, other people who post threads encourage you to post your own thoughts, creating an awesome environment full of sharing opinions.
If you scroll down the forum page, there are many Forums that focus on a specific topic so that all

PE: Forum OverviewAfter Astralseed's awesome article on Breaking Into Chatrooms, today's article will be focused on providing a general overview of the forum!
Within the forum, there are many Forums that you can enter into to create threads for discussion. These threads encourage other people to make posts in response to the 'original post' created by the 'original poster' - the person who created the thread. If you scroll down the forum page, there are many Forums that focus on a specific topic so that all threads within that forum must relate to the specific topic of the Forum itself. For example, if you stumble across the 'Gaming Forum', the specific topic is 'Gaming', so all threads within the 'Gaming Forum' must relate to 'Gaming'. This is important because if your thread does not relate to Gaming, it will be moved or locked.
After clicking the forum, for example, the

PE: Ten Tips and Tricks of the ForumSome (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks for your experience in the forum!
1. Quick Access to Replies
Click into a thread and you can see a bold heading 'Devious Comments (Add yours)' at the top. Click on the 'Add yours' part to be directed to the bottom of the thread where you can reply to the original post. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Reply' button on the left side of the original post right at the top to make your reply.
2. Access Threads Differently
If you click into a forum, for example the Deviants Forum, you will be presented with headings at the top: Topic, Started By, Replies, and Latest Reply. In the Started By column, there will be the name of the person who created the thread, and how


Chat Rules FAQ

PE: Introduction to ChatsChat and Forums
The purpose of this article is to help others become familiar with what chat rooms are, the purpose they serve, and how to get involved with chats here on Let’s begin!
Chat Rooms: A Brief Overview
The term chat room or chatroom, is used to describe any area on the Internet, a computer network, or website where users can communicate with one another in real time. Think of it like web based group text messaging except you may or may not know the users communicating with you. Chat rooms are great in that provide us with a venue to socialize with others who share a common interest. For instance, here on there are numerous chat rooms available, which can easily be found by going to the chat page.
The Chat Network
The Chat Network here on consists of a large number of chat rooms, both official and unofficial. Official chat rooms are operated by deviantART staff and volunteers

PE: Breaking Into ChatroomsI realize the title of this article may sound a bit strange so let me clarify that I will not be teaching you how to hack chatrooms or the like.  No, no, we won't be burglarizing them either (is that even possible? :O). Today I'd like to talk about how to have a positive first experience when joining the chats here on deviantART.  While we have many users who chat on dAmn daily with great experiences, sometimes it can be difficult to find your own place in the chats and make your experiences there positive.  I will go over what I feel are main topics/points which every new chatter can benefit from knowing about as well as include a few tips on how to make your chat experience positive.  
:#devart: is deviantARTs official general chatroom and is moderated by Community Volunteers.  This chatroom is a great place to go if you are looking for a chatroom that is active on a regular basis.  This is frequently the firs

SuperdAmnIMPORTANT NOTE: SuperdAmn is not an official part of deviantART! What does this mean?
If you have a problem with SuperdAmn do NOT message the Help Desk as it's not supported by $taff!Volunteer moderators in :#help: may not be able to answer your questions about it.Site updates may conflict with your SuperdAmn installation.
What can I do with SuperdAmn?
Lots of stuff! I'm pulling key highlights and screenshots from the manual so if you want the full scoop, check that out instead. I'm going off the features I use most, if there's something you think should be in this journal please add it to the comments. :D And remember, more stuff is in the manual!
When you install SuperdAmn and open up any chat room, you'll see this wrench in the upper right hand side. If you don't see it, it means SuperdAmn either wasn't installed properly or you need to refresh the page.
When you click on the wrench (w


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